Respect yourself and the clothes you wear.

I have a motto.

I make clothes that people wear.

What clothes? What people? And what is the experience of wearing them? Each of these three questions informs the other, and they all connect through the concept of respect.

I respect the process of design, considering all angles of the body, the needs of our body parts and our spirits. I try to remember that we do not only have a front and a back, but we are three-dimensional beings. So all of my designs address the beauty of all our sides, and often avoid relying on side seams.
I respect the development process, collaborating with advisors and my charming fit model. I take my time through the draping, drafting, cutting, sewing, and of course, the trying, adjusting, and trying again. I respect the clothing itself, insisting on using only the finest fabrics in luxe textures and sophisticated colors. I respect the construction of my clothing, and insist on applying fine finishing techniques and including pockets wherever possible.
Respect for my customers, and their respect for themselves is always guiding my work. I know you want to wear clothing that is physically comfortable and spiritually uplifting. I am concerned that there is not enough clothing available in the market for women in sizes 14-24 which is tasteful, stylistically adventurous and made in fine fabrics with expert construction techniques.

I'm very excited to share my work with you and I hope you can tell how much I enjoy and care about it.