Fashion Show!

I'm so excited that Annie the K. will be showing in the Curves Rock Fashion Weekend main event.  The fashion show is Saturday night July 27th, at the Baltimore Inner Harbor Hyatt.  Tickets will be on sale soon. 

The website for the event is

I am dressing 10 models for this event and I'm working very hard to develop new styles to fill out the collection.  Some styles are really accessible and I'm hoping to put them into production in the fall.  A couple styles are more involved and will end up being  exclusive to this show. 

Here's a couple of snaps of pieces in development:

 "Bowtie Skirt" in process, no waistband facings or hem yet, but its got pockets, and thats what counts.

 "Super Sleeveless Blouse" in process.  The yoke edges still need stitching and trimming, and it still needs hemming and the button, but its on its way.